artist portraits

Jonathan Meese

Richard Healy

Thomas Baldischwyler

Anselm Reyle

May Hands

Alexandra Bircken

Lucy McKenzie & Beca Lipscombe

Johannes Wohnseifer

Eva & Adele

Mike Meiré

Katharina Grosse

Anton Unai

Alicja Kwade

Florian Merkel & Jasmin Schwarz

Christian Aberle

Lucille Desarmory

Richard Woods

Marc Brandenburg

Tjorg Douglas Beer


This series of portraits of contemporary artists captures playfulness in a staged setting yet unforced and spontaneous way, where the artists are invited to step in and play along.
Portraits commissioned by the LRRH art edition by project.
In October 2011 we released a limited print edition of these portraits.


2010 (ongoing), LRRH artists portraits series