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Another Futile Attempt draws on an event that took place in 1977, when NASA sent two Golden Records into space aboard of the Voyager spacecrafts.
Each gold plated copper disk contained encrypted images and sounds of life on earth. They were intended as a symbolic message from mankind to any potential extraterrestrial discoverer of the disk. Both Voyager probes are still engaged in their interstellar missions, speeding away from the sun and the earth.
One of the images on The Golden Record shows a tree amidst a bed of daffodils. The tree in the picture still exists today, albeit it has slightly grown over a period of 35 years.
The analogy between the infinitely slow growth of the tree and the extremely high speed space mission of the Voyager became the starting point of the project,… though soon enough we realized it was the shared belief in the improbability of the original goal of the mission and the possibilities of an imaginary, tell tale outcome, that lay at the core of “Another Futile Attempt”.
Another Futile Attempt is on show at the [Chrono]Skopie groupexhibition in Kunstraum T27
December 1st 2012 – January 13th, 2013
Thomasstr. 27
12053 Berlin
Finissage & Artist Talk – January 13th, 2013 at 19u30

On the occasion of the finissage the work “Patience is a Virtue” by Byebyebn will be put up in the Kunstloterie of Kunstraum T27.

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